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Our Aim
Our aim to launch this site (www.kalepileshospital.com) is to educate the patient by providing information in a simple language and make them aware about different ano rectal (different disease of anal region), kidney stone and infertility problem. Patient of ano rectal and infertility disease often tend to avoid or postpone seeking expert medical advice due to shyness and the fact that most ano-rectal problems do not demand immediate attention. A patient of kidney stones, anorectal problem and infertility approaches the expert once the condition reaches beyond control for them and that time only surgical option is remain to treat the disease. So we appeal the patients to reach us earlier and get rid of disease by oral Ayurvedic medicine only with surety of successes. We usually try to cure the patient with oral medication, only 15 to 20 percent patients required surgery who come late to us or doesn’t response the oral medication.
Many patients of anorectal problems directly take medication from quacks or from general physician without direct examination of anal region but there is not only one problem of piles but also there are many diseases including cancer. So patients have to reach anorectal surgeon (having M.S. degree) or Anorectal physician where he gets local examination of anal region and diagnosis of the exact anorectal disease to treat it successfully earlier before it gets complicate. This information will help & guide them regarding various issues of ano rectal, kidney stone and infertility treatment
What makes “kalepileshospital.com” different from other ano rectal sites is its emphasis general information along with special attention on little known but highly effective ayurveda treatment for kidney stones, anorectal problem and infertility diseases. Thus “kalepileshospital.com” is an information superstore for kidney stones, anorectal problem and infertility diseases.
The hospital has comprehensive facilities of special Ayurvedic treatments like ksharsutra, Ksharvarti, Ksharkarma etc along with modern techniques like IRC, Laser, and Electro cautery, Harmonic scalpel etc for treating various anorectal diseases. Proper investigations, perfect diagnosis and 100 % sure results with highly effective our own research medicine and formulation are the things responsible for our grand success in Ayurveda field. According the different diseases, we adopt special and different surgical techniques and equipments.
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