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Patient Reviews
Bhandara (Maharashtra) age 56 yrs date – 9/11/11
I was suffering from piles problem and was operated 2 times by the interval of 3 yrs. Again I got the same problem before 3 month and my specialist suggested me surgery third time. But I was not in mood to do the surgery. My friend suggested me about Dr kale for surgery as he was not having any problem after his surgery by Dr Kale before 8 yrs. then I approached to Dr Virendra Kale (anorectal surgeon) and he examined me and told that I needn’t surgery. He treated me completely with Ayurvedic medicine only. Now I am completely cured. Thanks to Dr Kale. I wish him best luck
Dr Vivek Itanakar age- 42
M.B.B.S. Medical officer, Bhandara (Maharashtra) date - 9/11/11

I was having anal pain since 3 month. For that I had taken some allopathic medicine bur relief was temporary. So finally I met my surgeon friend who advised me surgery. But I was not in full mood to operate because I knew that it is life style disorder and it may again relapse due to my faulty life style and diet. Then I heard about Dr Kale (Ayurvedic anorectal surgeon) and I met them. He has explained me, how to manage my life style during my hospital duty hours. Ha has started his special Ayurvedic medicines for my problem, anal fissure with stenosis. He has suggested his special technique of anal massage with his research Ayurvedic ointment. Within one week I got 70 % relief. I got the total relief with his full medicine course. Now I am fit. Thanks Dr. Kale
Sachin Patil age 35 yrs
Nagpur ( Maharashtra) 9/11/2011

I was operated before 6 months but bleeding was stopped only for six month and since last month again I was having the same problem of bleeding. Then came to Dr kale and treated by him successfully with Ayurvedic medicine. Thanks Dr kale
Atul Bodakhe age 30 yrs
Poona (Maharashtra) 7/12/10
I am working as research scientist at centaur pharma in Poona. I was suffering from severe pain with bleeding from anal region. My company doctors has suggested me surgery. I was very much anxious about surgical procedure then I got reference of Dr Virendra kale (anorectal surgeon) who is specialist in anorectal problems like piles, fissure, fistula. He assured me about painless surgery. It was really wonderful experience of not having post operative pain and bleeding. I got operated by him before 1 year and he cured me completely. Thank you Dr Kale.
Shalini bhoyar age - 26
Nagpur ( Mahara shtra) 2/6/2009
I was married at the age of 20 yrs. When I didn’t conceive for 2 years, my family advised me to consult gynecologist. I took treatment for 5 years from 4 to 5 renound gynecologists in Nagpur but didn’t get the result. Finally I was fade up of treatment and stopped the treatment for one year. Fortunately I met one of my friends who were conceived after 10 years of primary infertility. She advised me to approach Dr Lata Kale (Ayurvedic infertility specialist) from where she had taken the treatment. We consulted with Dr Lata Kale, she investigated and treated both of us with her special research Ayurvedic medicine. Finally I got the result after 6 month of medication and I conceived. It was miracle for me. Now I am satisfied with my healthy child. Thank u very much Doctor.
Mrs. Minakhi Gadhave age – 28
Gondia (Maharashtra) 8/8/2010
After one month of my normal delivery I was having severe pain with bleeding from anal region. I was literally crying due to pain. My husband is Engineer and very much caring for me. He took me to gynecologist. She checked me and gave medicine for pain. But Pain and bleeding were not reliving with her treatment. Finally she suggested consulting the surgeon for treatment. I met the surgeon and finally operation was confirmed but my friend told me to do Ayurvedic surgery for complete cure. And she suggested me to do surgery from Dr Virendra Kale as she was operated by Dr Kale before 6 yrs and still she was not having any problem. I consulted with Dr Kale. He checked me thoroughly and told that this is physiological changes in body due to pregnancy and no need of surgery. He gave me 3 month course to avoid surgery with some diet restriction. He advised me to take anal massage of 7 to 8 min in home with his research ointment. That Ayurvedic medicine and anal massage relieved my pain and bleeding completely. Thank Dr Kale
Mr. Janefalakar age – 65 yrs
Mumbai 8/11/10
I was suffering from anal pain at the time of defecation and that pain was lasting for 6 to 8 hrs after defecation since last 2 years. I had taken treatment from many doctors in Mumbai but problem was not responding with medication so some piles specialist in Mumbai had suggested me to undergo surgery to solve the problem but they told that it is not sure that surgery will cure the problem. So finally my relatives in Nagpur gave me information about Dr Kale. I consulted with Dr Kale, Nagpur. He checked me thoroughly and gave the medication for 15 days and within this period I got 60 % relief and it was really miracle for me. I continued his treatment for 3 months. Now I am completely cured with Ayurvedic medicine only. Thanks Dr Kale, God bless him.
Ramalal mate age – 54 yrs
Kamathi (Nagpur) 2/5/2009
I was suffering from multiple kidney stone (14 stones) in kidney and was burning in urine since last 3 year. I have taken medication from many homeopathic and Ayurvedic doctors but didn’t relieved. Finally urosurgeons suggested me to operate. Then I heard about Dr Virendra kale (kidney stones specialist). He explained me about various type of stones and tell me to change in my habits and my life styles. He gave me his research Ayurvedic medicine course and cured me completely. He had done my multiple x rays with interval of one month to find no of stone remain in kidney. After getting 6 month Ayurvedic treatment I cured completely. My stones were flushed out without pain in abdomen. Finally he had done x ray and sonography to confirm total flush out of stone. It was surprisingly nil. Thanks to Dr Virendra kale.
Laxmikant shrikhande(Eng)  age – 45 yrs
Nashik  (Maharashtra)  3/7/2008
I am patients of left paralysis since last 15 yrs. I got the problem of fissure since last two years and taken treatment from many doctors of Nashik and Mumbai but every piles specialist had told me about surgery as I was not getting relief from pain. My friend in Malegao (Nashik) has operated by Dr kale before 7 yrs suggested to consult Dr kale, in Nagpur . I met Dr kale. He assured me about complete relief with Ayurvedic medicine only. He advised me some lifestyle changes and gave me proper time from his busy schedule. He explain me each and every thing which was wrong in my life style. He cured me completely. Thank u Dr kale.
Santosh Madhavi 42 yrs
Akola (Maharashtra) Dt - 5/5/2005
I was suffering from fistula- in- ano and kidney stone. I heard about ksharsutra technique for fistula, that is complete and radical treatment for fistula but My friend has told me that ksharsutra technique and so I was operated two times by surgeon in Akola and Amravati but relieved temporarily. When third time, after 6 month, I was having the same problem at the same site, my relative suggested me to consult Dr Virendra Kale (Anorectal surgeon). I consulted with Dr Kale and operated by special Ayurvedic technique of ksharsutra, but I didn’t felt the pain. Simultaneously he treated me for kidney stone. Now I completely cured with his ksharsutra technique and feeling better since 6 year. I am not having pain of kidney stone also. Thanks doctor.
Umesh shrikhande (Engi.) age- 32 yrs
Nagpur ( Maharashtra) 2/4/2004

I was badly suffering from severe anal pain and was unable to sit. I consulted to general surgeon and he advised me urgent surgery. Then I came to know about Dr Virendra Kale. He examined me thoroughly and told that i will need surgery if I will not get relief with Ayurvedic medicine of 3 weeks. But I got the relief from second day and cured completely within one month. Thanks Dr kale.
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